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Bold and Beautiful Cosmetics, LLC

Purifying Face Scrub

Purifying Face Scrub

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This Vitamin-Enriched scrub removes the surface layer of dead skin cells, unclog pores and nourishes for smooth glowing skin. Purifying face scrubs contains physical exfoliants such as small particles, beads, or crystals that gently buff away dead skin cells. It is designed to help unclog pores, smooth the skin's texture, and leave the skin looking brighter and refreshed. 

Key Ingredients:

Pumice removes dead cell layers, smooths, and improves the look of fine lines.

Rice Starch absorbs oil.

Apricot Seed Powder is a mild exfoliating agent.

Apple Fruit Extract soothes and has astringent properties.

Vegan/ Paraben Free / Gluten Free

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